28 February 2009


Not from Africa

Add ImageWhy not from Africa?
It is far to regular, here we shit only every 4 to 19 days.

A elephant woulda walked right over it

And a lion woulda ignored it

What with canned food on the left and real red meat in the background, the sign is nought.

First picture from Phil's Phun


Welcome back!

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24 February 2009


I am scared, very scared

..... a modern haircut?!?....... good lord!......

... the World is Fucked Up, we ALL are Fucked Up..... and we'll all deal with it shortly......
"...My favorite knife-wielding madman. Truly psychotic..." Velociman


Mom? Is that you?
Oh wait. It's dad.

Gravatar Sheeeeyit. Just you count your lucky stars that you and The Blade are on separate continents.

Gravatar Oh my. Words fail....

Gravatar Good gawd my eyes....

Gravatar OH.MUY.GAWD.
I think I just pissed myself laughing.

Gravatar .... dude...... that's never, NEVER gonna happen..... bwhahahaahahah....

Agggh!!! Now I have to go boil my brain. In hydrochloric acid.

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22 February 2009


Stok Gogga - Stick insect - Africa style

This overgrown peice of living wood is 200 mm (8 inches) from head to tail.
The picture was taken two hours drive to north of Pretoria on a piece of heaven owned by my sis and her husband.


Cool. What do they eat? If they're not a nuisance, they could be interesting walking about in the garden.

Snakes & rodents I can handle.
Insects? Not so much.

GravatarWe got a similar species here in the States. Though not quite so large.
Interesting beasties they be.

GravatarNow that is a Texas size bug.

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12 February 2009


My first nautical experiment

My sister Lana captains the first ever boat designed and built by Keesie.
A piece of corrugated iron roof sheeting, flatenned by Keesie and then fashioned into this floating device, I was all of 9 years old at this stage.
I melted the bitumin that I used for sealing this vessel from the stockpiles that the road repair crews left behind.
Such fun.

Man...that is way too cool!!!
Sam Homepage 02.13.09 - 12:26 am #

Speaking of floating things.A friend of yours is floating shit too. Sort of.http://mostlycajun.com/wordpress/?p=5461BTW, That is a cool boat. It must've been a blast to build.
maxx Homepage 02.13.09 - 1:48 am #

Better engineering job than most adults I know would do.
BobG Homepage 02.13.09 - 6:40 pm #

What a caulker!
Eunoia Homepage 02.13.09 - 7:47 pm #

Sister has/had confidence in your building skills for she's wearing no life vest!
Clark 02.14.09 - 4:07 pm #

.... what did the crocodiles think of it?.....

GravatarWith skills like that you should be able to get a job with the new obama administration, building our new navy. Ha.

GravatarOh that is too cool. I tried a similar trick when I was nine, only we used an old bathtub that was lying around the pond. Didn't make it very far, needless to say. 

I'm just making the rounds at long last. Hope you've been well. I finally have something cheery posted on my blog. A 
fun meme for photoshoppers.

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03 February 2009


What was that crunching sound.

This is the first time that I have a connection to the bloggyworld for more than a week.

This is the badly photoshopped picture that I planned to post.
It was in response to the very badder and worser photoshopped picture that Rex put up here. And that remark (Let's see Kees top that.) was worserder than the photoshop and upleft inciting.

That Sharp Youngster in Florida was very good in his comment that was posted before the piccie went up.

Comments at the empty post:
Probably the vacuum that ensued when any content disappeared?

Gravatar an elephant on a slow native?

Glad you squashed the Mailrider, he is part of the US Post Office Mafia.
Also glad to see that you are back giving everybody hell!

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