03 April 2014

When Keesie was about 22 - 24 years old he met a man "Dagennag Smit" With correct use of spaces it became "Dag en Nag Smit", meaning Day and Night Smit. This guy ran his trucking company by day and as the trucks pulled in at night he would be waiting with a forklift and would load the trucks and tie down the loads so that when the drivers presented themselves in the morning they could leave early. So he worked 20 hours per out of 5 days of the week. So on Saturdays and Sundays he was bored, so he sold building and plaster sand on Saturday. Using a decrepit old 5 m3 truck he left early on Saturday mornings and filled the truck himself using a shovel. According to him it was cheaper than any gym. On Sundays he did odd jobs for farmers to alleviate the boredom and that is how I met him. I was working as a hunter and living on a farm and Dagennag came to change a broken no 8 wind pump on a windmill. This pump weighs about 40 kg (88.8lbs). Dagennag came in at about 70 kg and he just went up the steel ladder and undid the few bolts and now facing outwards he strapped the pump to his back and then using leg power he stood up taking the weight of this pump and then slowly and methodically turned round, a handhold, then a foothold repeated until he was facing the right way. He came down and changed the pump on his back for the new one and repeated the exercise in reverse. I was struck down by awesome. I finally did the same a few years later. He of course became fabulously wealthy but he inspired and I am not doing too badly.
Work hard and prosper.

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