06 April 2014


A gallon of morphine

A gallon of morphine.
Morphine is a drug. It is the basest of all pain controlling drugs. When my wife Esta was dying from breast cancer She and me figured out that 1 cc here 2 cc there would not be noticed by nursing staff. We harboured a few litres of this deadly stuff. When she finally said after six years, "That was my final chemo" I respected but hated that. The Idea as we planned it was that... if the pain got to much I would apply a deadly dose. The Cancer was too much and too rapid, I flushed all that morphine down the drain. I could have used that on myself and wanted to but our daughter was just a troublesome teen. Me and my Daughter live full lives today. Count your blessings. You have more than you think.
In the preceding days I filled various syringes with various percentages of morphine and thought about our pact. I would have used it but I would have used it on myself as well.

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