29 October 2012

Ny heart is sore. A man that I have known for fifteen years have just lost his wife to cancer. If you pray, please pray for him and his young child. Please think of them in these darkerst of dark hours and days and send them your best wishes. Thank you.
I have crawled out that hole of despair. I takes a lot. Life, what life?
My child from those dark days are with me today and she now has my grandchild.
My new wife of 14 or so years (sorry Pumkin) are with me today and with her comes two new children and another grandchild .
I also have 2 new SIL's
Life, this life, it is the only one we have.
My friend, please stay strong, life beckons and grins

I'm sorry to hear this. My deepest condolences to you, him, and wishing an eventual easing of his broken heart.
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