29 October 2012


‎200 thousand years ago:
We were all immigrants wherever we found ourselves.
I am speaking of what I know. A little knowledge goes a long way.
The white tribe.
We fucked up and killed countless others.
Pale Males ponied up though and started a magic revolution.
We now have cars, movies, cell phones, real heavier than air flying planes, electricity, the internet and many more of some special others like super heavy hitting low weight golf clubs. I would not like to think I have too many commas in that last sentence.
And now some fuck from Kenya can call me a special racial fuck because he does not understand how a fucking TV works or he does not understand 9th grade math.
That was then/now
We engineers or peeps that make things work of all the colours of the rainbow should strike and say: Pay me or I will cancel my contract.
I personally refuse to pay anything anymore to any socialist sucking government
Think before you bring another little peep into this world. Is that to much to ask. Why must I pay for your droppings?

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