05 March 2012


little willy says

Andrew Breitbart

"Ideologically, he was a child or a goddamned twit. That (yes) fool still believed in democracy: he thought that we were going to vote our way out of this.

I kept him in the same bag with most conservatives. His heart was in the right place, but he was blind and didn't know shit."

Keeskennis says "little willy does not pay taxes, I will laud him for that. His absulutist, you die for what I want, he can piss up a wall somewhere, with chips"

I liked the BIG and wish there will be millions more like him.

Just don't pretend that you can take coke and more shit than other peeps and go out on a big bike and slay the world, I believe you went to a range the same night and shot a 1" grouping from 70 m.
Come out to a real farm and talk kak with the pigs.

Apologize for what?

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