07 February 2012


I h8 u

I do not like twit or sms language

U 4 me and Is kak
I {heart U} and i also {heart New Jersey}
I also fucking hope that you do not stink as much as new yersey.
I h8 dat.
So just FO and di.

Wright the sentence out fully and FLY with your WORDS.

My mother language in the blogosphere was  afrikaans, zulu then to ukranian and then slovakian and then Acidanian mixed with Vmanian and the crosstalk of Tancajunsasian  (with a C or a K optional, but with split results in any (K/C)ase) and  Shortassaisian hit me and I was LIVE and after the last  2 links running for deer life.
Anyway the way I die is not a topic.
I will write the queens engrish as far as I know how.
Fuck the rest
When American films are shown on UK TV, a true Englishman turns on the subtitles ;-)
Stu: What the fuck is: :-) this?
And why?

Wouldn't a . provide enough full stop?
Luckily you are a Scot.
A True Englishman testified that my Granddad in the Second Boer War "deliberately shot at the horses while the cavalry charge was on and was as such to be condemned of higher charges as those who shot at the cavalrymen.
My Granddad was credited with 19 cavalry horse kills and as every cavalryman had to kill at at least 2 adversaries to keep his horse, my family did OK, by saving at least 1.0 million boer fighters and other peeps.
1,000,38 excactly, the 38 being the 19 brits first saved by their horses falling and dying the extra 19 being the brits to scared to go to the front again, Years later I disticntly remember being thanked by a Scot, a proffessor, BS Savory for my GDad shooting his dads horse.
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