18 February 2012


Can you recognise yourself - Who else do you spot?

I went back a few years or as far as I could and took short snaps what you wrote all those years ago.
Everybody below is (unfortunately) on my blogroll
We were not so smart back then or maybe we were.

a) Of course you will all accuse me of being racist. I am not. Discrimination is discrimination and anytime you give someone preferential treatment because of race (hear that Michigan) it is DISCRIMINATION.
b)  Regarding that old cliche about death and taxes, they aren't kidding about the death part. I was 29.
c)  I like to cut to the chase, however. The Russian Roulette. Mao! Mao!               
d)  So am I. But when that cunt of an ex-wife of mine pokes around with a sharp stick, she doesn't care how many eyes she hits.
e) Twenty-five years ago tomorrow, I raised my right hand in the service of my country.
f)  It's never a snowMAN, of course. Usually some kind of critter.
g)  A version of chili such as would have been cooked by chuckwagon cooks and Mexican washerwomen
h) “Mafia Christmas.” This is not only fitting for a New Jersey event, but it also provided lots of gift possibilities
i)   If you are a marijuana consumer or social activist, this will be an important and underreported moment
j)  Ain’t nothing like a good drinking buddy.
k)  A teen mistakenly brings a Swiss army knife to school, turns it in because of a "no knife" policy at the school, and is promptly suspended
l)  ...oh, and if I totally wreck this, I hope that one of you lovely citizens will leap to my aid...
m)  A bean is a bean, but a pea is a relief.
n)  A flatbed truck is a poor man’s tank. We were fucked up
o)  the presenter said of one of the sports cars "It goes around corners as if it were on rails!".
p)  I sometimes write just to hear myself yap. 
q)  The big one is not the biggest I have seen, my estimate at the time was plus minus 12 feet. I have seen one that was over 16 feet.
To find the clue please mail  $100 to me (not Zimbabwean)

Some are easier ...to spot.... than others.
If you think you wrote something find the linked alpha that corresponds with the line alpha and clickety click

Very cleaver, I say.
@Yabu. That comment axes it

So the linked "n" in line k) takes you do a drunk Yabu, many moons ago and that is where line n) comes from
You are the man, Keesie. As usual my genius is a day late!
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