02 December 2011


K20 (+ 8 meaningles numbers)

So me and my partner start a new company to buy this building and that is what we are now called

Beautiful building nontheless

We are opening a Garden & Home emporium or sum such

You can enter : 15 Reitz St, Robertson, South Africa into Google earth

Or flollow Google earths direct shit below
15 Reitz St, Robertson, South Africa
Now directly removed by me

Very cool. Much luck and good wishes!
In Stu's defense, I don't think he ever had me on his blogroll to begin with. I can't comment on his, so I don't. It would be fun, however.
@Kees, I trust you'll be giving us some inside views when you get the shop rolling?

@Froth, I blogroll you in the months I like what you wrote, so it's not consistent ;-)
But I do agree with your views on PPT :-)
PS: Comments to me are via email...
Nice lookin' place. I'd like to be sitting in a comfortable chair on that porch with a six-pack of cold beer, just watching the world go by.
@ Froth
I can say in Stu's defence that he publishes my comments via email even if I call him out on his shitshow.
He does add his snarky high brow intelectual bit to that though.
I guess I'll just have to do email then. Well, sheet. And, I don't post that much lately, but I'm revving up, so you probably won't blogroll me! Snort.
Hey, that's just down the road from Uncle Tommy at the Wacky Wine place!
You could do worse than sample some of his wares :-)
Yeah the Wacky wine weekend is huge and draws thousands
We are going to stock some very expensive wines though, NOT catering for wacky winers but inthey are 1%'ers they are welcome.
Oh, how lovely. I want to move there and rent it from you just to live in.
Bob the place came with a licker licence but we are only going to use it for corperate bisiness but that means that a six pack is allways available.
Well it's clearly been a while since I've made the rounds. Very belated congrats on the good news and condolences on the loss of your lovely wife. Circle of life, eh what?
Libby, your'e welcome but you will get lost it is quite big.
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