19 November 2011


Photographic proof

Here we have photografic proof of a young "Tanker" developing the internet (maybe with a little help from Al Gore)

That is if you can believe this site

Go and check these piccies, a wonderfull record.

I do believe the time frame fits. Ducks and runs.

Um, that's ENIAC, not completed until 1946. Solved artillery differential equations.
Colossus in Bletchley Park was earlier, it ran in 1943 and was in full productive use in 1944, codebreaking.

Nice Photos @ the link though. Thanks for the heads up :-)
Who do I look like? Al Gore?

The only computers we had on tanks back then were mechanical things with cams and gears and rollers and such.

Digital communications? Had that. 60 baud radioteletype.

Different world, back then.

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