15 November 2011


Hide, Then hit

A fortnight or so ago Og posted "When I was just a lad"
I saw it and wanted to comment, instead I travelled and grafted
Travel: 160 Home to airport + 2000 Cape Town to JHB + 6000 JHB to Accra + 200 Accra to Iduapriem + 200 Iduapriem to Accra + 2000 Accra to Freetown + 300 Freetown to Tonkolili .
That is 10 860 km plus local travel and that is at least 11,000 km per leg.
So since Og posted that I have moved about 44 thousand kilometers

Dear reader that is just why I have not posted a comment so bear with me.

In Og's comments to his post he replies several times but he ends with this:
Stephen: Until you have experienced “have no choice” you probably won’t ever understand “have no choice”. When you are adequately overpowered, choice is removed from you. Then the only choice you have is how to act afterwards.

And what I want to address is the how you act afterwards.

I will give you 3 stories about how I reacted during or after the fact of assault.

1971: I am serving in the army and a group of recruits decide that I do not shower enough.
In retrospect I can say that they are led by a NCO of low rank that tells them to care for themselves and they should look after themselves.
So I get mobbed and dragged to the ablution block and get washed by yard brooms and whippy towels.

Bruised, scraped and bleeding I offered no defence. When the mob gets you dey getz u. Survive is the name of the game.

A week later a certain Corporal from the Permanent Force stumbles out of the Senior Officers pub and on the way to his car he is assaulted and four fingers on his hand is broken, like it was stomped on by a army boot, and his lower teeth is broken like it was kicked in by an Army boot.
As this happened in an Ultra Secure Army area the verdict was that he just fell awkwardly whilst drunk.

About a month later I waited at three in the morning for two of the secondary serviceman.
As they were pissing into the sand I hit them from behind with a pick handle wrapped in rags.
The big guy that used the yard broom actually turned round before I hit him and fell on his back with his dick in his hand and pissing over himself.

1974: I am working towards a qualification on a very hands on craft which would include, Welding, Machining, Electrical, Wiring, Circuits and at Iscor in those day were just the best and was called Instrument Technician.

As we all wore the Iscor issued overalls some younger guys in the crew went around and placed lighted cigarettes into the back pockets of unwary guys. Once the cigarette burned through the cloth and the guy started beating his own ass to extinguish such, great hilarity would ensue.
I warned anybody and everybody that I would retaliate very strongly if this should happen to me.
So nobody put a burning butt in my butt pocket until the deputy Minister of Industry came to honour us on our graduation.
As he was reading from his given notes and wishing all well I felt a hand in my back pocket of the suit I was wearing, I was graduating after all, and turned around to to find a joker/loser that was not graduating putting a butt in my butt pocket. I turned and kicked his ass in as well as his shoulder and mouth.

As the top scoring appy I was supposed to be the last of my group but they got me on as soon as they could and let me go.

1981: Serving as a Commissioned Officer with the rank of Captain I am overseeing a new intake into a area of conflict.
A Big troop about 6' 6" and 300 lbs came for his initial interview. During this interview we disagreed on a few things and and he knocked me out of my tent into the parade ground.

I ordered the MP's not to take any action

I knocked him out from behind with a blacksack with 5 rounds of ack ack and some socks whilst he was pissing, obviously at 3 in the morning.

I tended his wounds and he served himself and me well in various dangerous situations.

Yes Og, you are at risk when it is 5 to 1 when you are naked but you can always hit back.

I further want to say to Stephen who left this comment below.

I understand the “mob” mentality. I do. But, the resigned acquiesence, just escapes me. The soap in the tea towell is good, but a nice little leather and lead shower proof sap necklace could come in handy as well. Just sayin’…

YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THERE and you know fuckoll

Or if you think you can do it now:

Please talk to Dax and come and see me

Furthermore go and read This and learn a bit about life.
baie goed, Kees!You'e one lekker guy, and you know what the fuck you're talking about. When you gonna come stateside? Or maybe you could get me a good paying gig in SA and I could come annoy you there.
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