03 November 2011


The Edumukation of Old Phat Stu

Stu Savory
A leftie socialist expat Scot living in Germany

I found him thru some search or other and linked him

By clicking on my blogroll he found what he didn't believe excisted
Clever, very clever people on the conservative side of the political spectrum

Myself of course
Elisson at Cheese
Dale at Mostly Cajun
I see that he dropped Froth, she was to much for him to handle, dont worry Stu we unnerstand.
And now I see his lame shit comments at Rodgers, the Real King of fwance


Stu you might as well give up, you have run out of other peoples money.
Your socialist structures are going down, big time.
Help yourself if you can.

I am one of the lucky few that got nailed by socialists early in my life so I could recover independant of government structures.
So if Greece goes belly up I would suffer less than most

The simple life, without effin socialists
Work or produce to earn money
Spend less than what you have earned.
Keep this up for 15 years and save some more
And then the heaven of Keesie will descend upon you

I have gone "Galt" a long time ago

Dear Stu please tell me more about how socialism is better than me relying on my own resources and looking after me and mine, and I will tell you about those less fortunate than me that I have looked after.

Sorry Rodger, I didn't plan it this way.
I don't understand the point of your blog entry. Is there some point you wanted to make? Eunoia shrugged.
I like that next to last line... "FUCK COMMIES AND SOCIALISTS"... I guess it is just how I feel, and bugger off if you don't like it.
By Ralphd00d on Brown pants and I suppose panties on 11/4/11
There's no point necesary, just the demonstrable fact that socialism and communism are only espoused by the ignorant and evil. You have to decide which one you are, if you do.
By og on Brown pants and I suppose panties on 11/4/11
Stu you are becoming a Troll at very clever peoples sites

I any of my posts need a point that might be it

But socialism is failing all arround your ears.
Please ask the German government to double your tax to bail out Greece
"The notice which you have been pleased to take of my labours, had it been early, had been kind" - samuel Johnson ;-)
"Excise: a hateful tax levied upon commodities and adjudged not by the common judges of property but wretches hired by those to whom excise is paid"
Samuel Johnson
A man of many words and worlds
So would you prefer I not comment here in the future?
I Love your Comments
Once upon a time there was a Slavic monarch who had a canyon named after him : Czar Chasm ;-)
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