12 October 2011


To Ray my Grandson to be born in Jan 12

Esta my late wife and the "Grandmother" in this

We do miss you

Grandfather and Grandmother

The twinkle was there



Just some famshots of the people that makes up your history from Grandad and Grandma's side

On your mothers side

Mostly Mother

Top Left Grandmother, and friends, with Grandfather, Grandfather, Greatgrandfather and Greatgrandmother

Oh wasn't she such a beautiful women

Middle left: Greatgrandpa, Mother, Greatgrandma

Grandmother during her and after her last visit to Canada

The pain was all over

Top left Greatgrandmother with Grandmother


Greatgreatgrandfather and Greatgreatgrandmother

Mother on her back


Oh and Ondria is having a baby boy 3 weeks later

He is so new that his name is Gogga

Grandma and Grandpa

On the right is Greatgranma and Greatgrandpa, Susan and Boshoff

Still dating I suspect

But the twinkle was there

Greatgrandad on graduating with a BsC in Mining Engineering

Mother and Grandmother

Oh! Esta, you would have loved this grandbaby thing

From left to right top: Greatgreatgrandmother, Grandfather, Lana

Middle: Skin

Bottom: Carel

Shadow: Gerda

Ouma Susan Greatgrandmother

Oupa Boshoff Greatgrandfather

Grandfather is middle left with the dirty shirt

And this is you

Handsome little man ain't he

Hey youngster "Apples and Trees"

I have allready told Vida and Pierre that as soon as he can talk I will get him his own celphone so that he can phone me and tell me if they are unfair to him.


And take great care

Life is so precious

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at these beautiful photos. What a magnificent family. Mazel tov!
Wonderful to know where one comes from.

Beautiful. Happy1

good luck to all!

Great photos!
And congrats from Texas on your pending Grandfather-ship!
.. .bwhahahahaha....
I think you are going to make a great grandfather.
Ohhhhh congratulations!!! So happy making!
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