01 October 2011


Skin Staples

1841 – Samuel Slocum patented the stapler. Hey! A milestone IS a milestone…

Yes it is a very clever little machine.

In the lower piccie you see the staples.

If they were just 2 headed nails they would pop out.

But the far end was bent by pressure far back to move to the centre and secure the staple.

Very Clever.

Keesie might live in a paperless office but he has/have used skin staplers often in his life.
I first saw or became aware of the name 'Samuel Slocom' in MC's post but I want to thank Samuel for his invention.

In any physical trauma emergency where you are far from doctors and hospitals you need to stop the bleeding and close the wound and you have to do so quickly and cleanly.

So maybe MR 75% CAJUN it was a BIG MILESTONE to some peeps.

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