03 October 2011


Intellectual rigor and cutting edge thinking

I was never this stupid

The only peeps that I know that fly or flew planes are Dale and Stu, and I would like to get their reaction to this.

When do you have to see things that close to the ground, you should know they are there.

Maybe the pilot got a extra few points because his grand parents was artificial immigrants

I may not have the best eyes now, but I do think I could spot a freakin' ferris wheel...

My first thought was "What was he doing that low?". Then I read in the Oz press that the ferris wheel was near his take-off strip and would like to know if the ferris wheel reached above the 3° clearance line from the threshold? Press report doesn't say. But the RoC of a fully loaded ultralight is not spectacular. Was it a hot day? (After)Noon? Had he just turned downwind? W&B OK?

Lotsa questions, little real data.
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