31 July 2011


Better late than never, I guess

Yabu asked a question here that I did not answer:

Just curious...what caliber and type of gun was used to down that big-ass Lion?

Well Yabu I don't even have to think.
We had (BB'S) pellet guns, 22's, 3030's and 457 Mausers.

Up to when I left school I thought that was how guns were ordained.

Can anyone guess the answer to Yabu's Question

Seeing that the USA elected BHO I am thinking that a lot (51%) of Americans would opt for the pellet gun.

I am no gunsmith nor do I have a lot of knowledge about firearms, but I do believe that that Mauser was German, not Swedish.
Why would anyone want to shoot Aslan? :P
Erica my dear the alphabet is bigger than your Kbord.
That was a "big-ass Lion"
Or maybe Aslan asked for it, send me some of what you are smoking.
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