14 May 2011



Here, Mostly Cajun, looks at it as a date in history.
Cajun?, I am sure that is French or someting, anyhow we have more to explore.

Firstly Vaseline can be used as a sex aid, really?
Yes, older married couples rub it all over the doorknobs of their bedrooms so that the elder children (4 yrs or so) cannot open the door when they are skropping.

Secondly Vaseline is used when you have to fit something big into a small hole, like when you are overhauling your old 5 inch fucked up reel for a garage sale. You take out that spindle that rattles and jams and you coat it and the hole with Vaseline and you force it in. Magic, no rattles, no jams and you sell the POS for 80 dollars.

Thirdly, and I am proud to say that I have never done this, if you build or refurbish seagoing vessels you coat all mechanical equipment like winches and blocks with Vaseline, smooth man smooth is the name.

Fourthly, and now as this is a family blog and we cannot get into sexual innuendo, this gets complicated. Cajun did mention that it has "dielectric (electrically insulating) characteristics", this makes it a transmission fluid. I wonder if Og have noticed any Vaseline in the 5000 gearboxes that he have fitted?

Well tranny as you may we must get to the:

Fifthly use of Vaseline that can be :

:crucial to our survival.


I rest my case.

And this ALL had to start somewhere...

Hey, you pulled the trigger, don't blame me if I run.
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