10 May 2011


In memoriam

Liksie died today after surgery.

We miss our querulous little cat.
We rejoice that she was with us for almost 13 years.
My heart is bleeding.
I will miss that sharp cat.
I'm so sorry to hear this, Keesie. One of mine (he was mine when I was living with my parents) died a couple of weeks ago, after 15 wonderful years. My heart goes out to you, brother...deepest condolences...it is so sad.
I'm so sorry Keesie. It is never easy to lose a furry baby. :(
Much love you you & The Cat's Mother.
My condolences on the loss of a family member.
Man, I'm sorry to hear about this.

You have my deepest sympathy.

Thank You

I am in Ghana now but The Cat's Mother have fetched her body from the hospital and she is now buried at our home.
With new flowers growing.
How do you dis-remember 13 years?
Go Girl Go I miss you SO
Keesie, I just saw this. Been gonish. I am SO sorry. Our pusses are our loves. Liksies floating around sending you kisses. Our Merv is 3 1/2 now and I still remember the Lucky cat who died when he was 17.
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