23 February 2011



What goes thru Hillary's [In KFC lingo (two fat thighs, a left wing and small breasts)] mind and heart when she says:
"We think and pray for the people of Libya"

KeesKennis thinks like this:

And no, I am not a widdle wepoter for dat wetired "Parkway Reststop" peep

HC: "Where the fuck do you think Bill's dick is now, I hope at least that it is somewhat clean.
HC: "I pray that all the peeps clinging to guns and bibles are stupid enough to think that when I say "pray" that I am thinking like them.
HC: "Jeebus, I have just sucked a small black dick, and now, in the hope that he will support me I am looking at a full 4 inches, (what the fuck is that with you Monica) of scabby dick.
HC: "I do not put on airs, but my left buttock has more intelligence than any republican, and therefore, if you just vote for me I will run your life just fine"

Retire you bitch

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