07 February 2011


Kom nou Stu

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Kees Kennis butted in "And maybe 333 alter boys, that is only half evil. " I'm not sure what they altEred, so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you meant altAr boys???

Aangesien jy saam met die kinners boks kan ek seker bietjie kak praat oor jou.
Het jy al in jou hele lewe gehoor van n Skot wat n fokken Duitser geword het?
Ek ook nie en hier is die ou skot wat nou in duitsland bly en my kak gee oor ek nie engels kan spel nie. Dis amper soos Terreblanch wat die swart unions kak gee oor hulle nie kan Afrikaans praat nie.

Librul atheists believe they are God
Good Low blow Stu, well done

If I knew how to I would have inserted a smiley face emoticon here

Aw, libtards don't believe they are god. They just are anxious for God not to exist so they never have consequences for being assholes. Trouble for them is, denying God won't make him not exist. They got sucked into the lie "A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth" Not even there is it true.
A good low blow : dwarf fellation?
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