14 January 2011


OK - That is enough now - Please NO more!

.... sister, you haven't SEEN handsome until you've seen me in a kilt..... real men look great in skirts....


Flasher drops kilt on Wales Today (BBC1, 12/02/10)
Uploaded by filmnet. - News videos from around the world.


.. heh heh heh...... I've only worn a kilt once.... ONCE.... and for that very same reason.....

.... The Missus banned me from sporting a kilt after our wedding reception.... a bunch of drunken Marines and one wearing a kilt tends to lead to taunts......

.. needless to say, the bridesmaids saw the wedding tackle that night long before The Missus did....
... and that reminds me, I didn't get my yearly New Year's call from you, you old goat!....
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