09 January 2011


I think we should use liberals for scientific testing

Testing on/with mice does not work

Liberals on the other hand have no long term survival strategy and will lead to more accurate results.
They have no moral parts, by God they are just like animals.
I am sure if we plan this correctly they will line up to be tested, thinking of all the seals and baboons and cuddly rabbits that they can save.

By The Way, did you notice that the bottom portion of the pic above is very sexy

My fucked up mind.
Makes me hungry.

Yes Stu I can

BLACK LINES: Maze as was
YELLOW DOTS : Way thru maze
RED DOTS : The Liberal way on my dime
Er, no. Photoshopped, methinks.

Mentally try to reconstruct where the walls must have been for it to be a valid maze. No way.
No, your yellow line is wrong IMHO.

Example: look at the square at the top. Its lower corner is nibbled away, implying that there must have been a wall there. Ditto for all other nibbled places. Therefore there was no way through the maze, methinks.
Liberals are no good to test in a maze. All they would do is sit down and piss and moan for a handout and demand someone to lead them out of the maze, rather than think for themselves.
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