14 December 2010


Do I feel the the shit in my mouth - NOT

This was the image Stu used whwn he blogged about me with an evil grin
"Ole Phat Stu
(PS: Blogged for you today, Kees, [evil grin] ;-)"

I offen shake my head in nonbeleif when very clever peeps like Stu comes up as scsc .. communist.
I mean he worked around the world as a rather competant worker
He flies planes
he rides a Triumph
He has a Bulldog
And still he is a "commie"

I am asking him and my sister ( another brainy) where the fuck they come from.
They both hate gorg bush
The hate morality in law

Let me tell you something Stu and Gerda.

If my (and your Ancestors) just said, so we are OK with that, you would not have excisted right now. (Pearl Harbour)

So even if you do not have a god, as a human you have to have a Moral Code, of some sort.

We cannot go on screwing and fucking our sisters, daughters, sons and people at random.

We have to have a code of some sort.

So Stu, I like the "sadly seriously politically conservative" taste of shit in my mouth.

So after all this shit. Shall we just tell MO and the Chinese that he and they can fuck with our woman as he and they wants.

What does Stu say

Just teasing you, man ;-)

Do I really need to explain the difference between communism and the free-market socialism we have here in Germany?

And why I think the latter is a good thing, preferable to unbridled capitalism? The US is discovering the disadvantages of the latter.

I'll try to work up a short post on 'my socialism' for you.
Stu is good comic relief. Nobody listens to anything he actually says, because it's all dumb as a bag of hammers. Why do you think Kings surrounded themselves with fools? the mentally challenged are funny.
ad hominem !
Sorry, Stu. If I said, for instance, that you were a serial moper, that might be considered an ad hominem, because it is a specific attack of a person on specific and unverifiable charges - frankly, I don't know if you are in the habit of exposing yourself to blind people of the same sex as you. Nor do I want to know. All I did was to report an observable fact.
Maybe my brain is just wired differently? Mope,mope.
That picture makes me want to tour the world...
Makes you want to take a trip to the south pole...
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