25 November 2010


Who is the Stealth writer?

I just had a look at old links
And at this post
Sarah Palin — Not a Real Woman

The following comments below were left.
I could have left the second comment.
The first is beyond my keyboard skills.
It is incoherent enough to come from me when I am pissed, but the spelling and grammmer is to goot.
I have left my password to this blog at too many places for me to remember.

It was very well done

9. keeskennis - September 20, 2008

You either have no kids, no clue, or none of the above. Believe it or not, kids will venture beyond what we as parents teach them.

Left wingers never fail to humor and amaze me. But you are fun to watch and try and make sense of. It’s sort of like going to the zoo, minus the intelligent primates.Sarah palin might be a woman that you would not like to associate with.
I grant you that.
There allways is a BUT.
My lib readers Libby, Stu, Dof and others are required to leave the party now, or give a powerfull rebuttal.

This moose shooting woman has entered my life as you guessed it ” a Moose Shooting Woman” (for president in 2012)

Fuck, I am not even voting in this contest.

I woke up yesterday and by the time I was awake for 11 minutes I felt like I had been punched in the gut several times after reading on several conservative blogs how Sarah Palin, McCain’s VP pick, is such a great feminist role model. After doing some research on this woman whom I’ve never even heard of before it became abundantly clear–Not only is Sarah Palin not a feminist, she is as anti-woman as Bush and McCain combined. That is the reason why McCain picked her; not because she is a woman and he wanted to be underhanded (which he totally did,) but because she’s a Republican, conservative man who just happens to be in a woman’s body.

If I punched you in the gut you silly cow you would not have lived.
Not that I would evah punch a woman.

Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old, unmarried daughter of Sarah Palin, is pregnant. Although she plans to keep the baby and marry the father, her immoral shortcoming is still clear for the nation (and world) to see. Is it possible that her very busy, avowedly-feminist mother, the governor of Alaska and presumptive Republican vice-presidential candidate, could have made a moral difference, had she been more available for her daughter?

With this in mind, it is sobering that, among the thousands of conservative pundits praising John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, no one is asking a very important question: Does America really need a feminist in the White House?

Whoever you are or were, you are a stupid cunt.

Feminist author Gloria Steinem, who calls the speech “down-home, divisive and deceptive,” shreds Sarah Palin’s record as governor and all but declares her unfit to serve as vice president. Yet Steinem doesn’t fault Palin as much as she does the man who picked her:

The culprit is John McCain. He may have chosen Palin out of change-envy, or a belief that women can’t tell the difference between form and content, but the main motive was to please right-wing ideologues; the same ones who nixed anyone who is now or ever has been a supporter of reproductive freedom.

Gloria come and suck my gardener’s dick, please, OK, not so.

When I saw that John McCain had picked Sarah Palin as his running mate this morning, I was on the elliptical trainer, and my rage propelled me to the most furious workout I’ve had in a while.

It’s always exciting to see women enter the political fray at higher levels. But a lot of feminists out there, are appalled by the cynicism and condescension inherent in this choice. It’s as though the McCain camp believes our irrational she-hormones will lead us, like sheep, to pull the lever for any candidate who looks like us–even if she has a strong record, as Palin does, of standingagainst women’s interests.

As Vanessa blogged last month, Bill Kristol was claiming McCain would pick Palin — and that would prove that Republicans are “much more open to strong women.” Frankly, that’s bullshit. Republicans are more open to a certain type of woman — one who is strongly against things like equal pay, universal health care, and reproductive freedom. In other words, the party is pro-woman-candidates, as long as they enact anti-woman policies.


I do love my freedoms and I do love my Pumkin who’m I have married.

Yet young (44) Sarah awakes in me a certain something.

It is almost as having Vman visit you as a woman .

Crazy shit.

In anticipation.

10. keeskennis - September 20, 2008

If you have a bigger Fanny/Dick than me, just say so and I F O, OK

Please come forward and get a KeesieLanch of about 20 hits

Sarah Palin, regardless of gender, merely represents America's increasingly fast rush into anti-intellectualism. It started with Ronnie Rayguns, descended to the depths of Dubya and continues downhill with Palin.

The brighter presidents (Clinton, Obama) are Democrats, FWIW.

The anti-intellectual mob want a simpler life (because they can't cope with complexity?) and think that decreasing government involvement will help. The alternative would be to educate the sheeple better, which may not be in the interests of the corporations which run america and who only want to pay minimal wages.

Kees, you'll get me started on a diatribe yet; thanks for the troll ;-)
Pensato che avrei commento e dire ordinato tema, hai fatto fare per te? E 'davvero impressionante!
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