13 November 2010


tHE SHOWER cURES aLL aND eD dArrell wants to kill more people by not letting me get some fucking DDT

No Photoshop Yet but even Ed Darrel has to wait
to see what he really is

Hi Ed Please meet Presidente Zuma
He believes that showering after sex with a HIV positive person prevent AIDS.
Millions have died because of his stupidty.
Malaria is a far bigger killer than AIDS, are you listening ED.
Come and kill some mosquitos over here, and don't bring a fly swatter, bring DDT
Look who is pushing the bednet idea and who is making the same, and funding the "research" and publishing the 85% reduction.


ED says on his header
Striving for accuracy in history, economics, geography, education, and a little science
Keesie says, I know fuckoll about the rest but Ed is right about the "LITTLE" science
I quote from your blog

"Third, there is the astonishing sucking sound where brains of skeptics should be. Pick the stupid side of almost any issue, and it’s represented in spades there. On the sciency front, for example, Red Staters have no use nor knowledge of Darwin, they think the warming temperatures of the climate are faked, probably by unholy, non-Red Stater weathermen, and they are convinced that the UN and others are using malaria for “population control” — so they favor massive amounts of DDT."

"God save us. It’s a new Red to fear, the new Red Scare."

From this part of real world where people die, instead of just going off screen, I would like to say "Tata" to Ed, "go and act some more you stupid shit", of course on the "sciency" side you are not as clever as shit, not at all.

I saw tons of those "bednets" in Zambia. They catch tilapia real fine.

To use a bednet you sort of have to be sleeping on a bed, but god forbid Ed make contact with any facts.
hey, Keesie- Ed should be an Anophelese Mosquito. A bloodsucking, murdering parasite. It would explain his irrational fear of DDT.
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