15 October 2010


WTF - 150,000

It all started with ....
But I first have to tell you a story.
"In a small town, on a Sunday, a strange man, sat on one of the front pews.
The 'Reverend' gave a rousing sermon, and asked the stranger to choose 3 hymn's.
The stranger stood up and said, while pointing at the bench of Deacons, "I choose him, and him, and him"

Then, a now dead man, was awake and linked me
Rob, I remember you.
Your daughter were a lesbian and you were proud of her.
I was proud of You and Her.
You said that you have never seen such love, I believed you, and still do.

That does not mean that I can't tell a joke about moffies, does it?

The rise to 150,000 was punctuated by searches for:
Tankers and cats and shockingly stylish Crissy's
Shovels, Fionas and sharp things
Blobs, cowboys and Saloon girls.
Florida Charming Sweething and Newfoundland
Missing, Off target and Oh Shit.
Naked, tits, In my Dreams, soap and Candles.
Slacker, writer, nice girls, vagabond and missing.
Dead dogs, tatoos, no morals and acting.
Reverence, Mother, Dear Government and Obey.
Mammary glands, Alcohol and Parenting.
Bad Hair, Bad Sex, Bad Cars, Bad Welding Equipment, Bad dogs and Bad Juju Etc.
Jokes, Canadian, Sorry and very Funny.
You believe this, WTF is a Hoosier?
Cat's, Dog's, Lions and All creatures.
Exceptional Nutty Yews, Cheese, Obey, Who, Must, Be Comestibobbles and Potaboobles
Hair Cruller, Volk and Serious Thumping
f/2.8, cool, nice, yoooette
Old, grandpa, heroes and Law
Drink, driving, me, to and Tall

I do miss
Bane and Winston


Kees, you da bomb.
Good for you, brother. The yoooette loves ya.
congrats my man
Again...you are fucking crazy.
Keesie, if you did not exist, we'd have to invent you. You are truly one of a kind... for which we are grateful.
Good on ya!
Yehaw the Kees!!! Kudos and booyahs and all that good stuff!
Mooi man!
And you can blame that 150,000th one on my cleavage. Nice!

(Congrats, my friend!)
If you ever decide to come to Salt Lake to visit relatives, let me know ahead of time.
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