19 October 2010


Technical questions

How many bar's, torr's, psi's, mega pascals, units of atmosphere does it take?
OR in simple terms, can a hand pump do it, or do you have to use a foot pump?
AND further, what stroke does the pump have to be, can it burst?
AND even further, can a man sink that low?
Does this mean that evolution will create bigger hands in Men or Women?
And where is the inlet valve?
Tanker, I am sure can blow it up with one of his smaller tools
And Leslie's is simply better, 150,000 want it, her cleavage, that is.

BELOW in the comments:

Omnibus Driver said...

"Ah, Keesie, you old flatterer, you!"

I do not think she meant that I deflated tyres (tires) in the physical sense.

Thanks girl.

I've never been one for the fake... looks nasty to me. I wouldn't fuck her with your dick.

Nice hair though?

Ah, Keesie, you old flatterer, you!
That looks a bit too fake...

Gimme a "C" any time...

PS: OSHA says you need a harness to carry a load like that.
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