20 October 2010


Please tell me the Back Story

And have a guess at the dialog.

"You are to cold"
"You are not hitting the Spot"
"You are way too misty for me"
"More please"
"Yes, you may write poetry about it, I don't know about old Scottish though"
"I am a Red Sox fan"
"Why don't, you, shave your legs?"
"Is this wide enough?"
"Is spray all you've got?"
" 'Z' is for 'Zebra', not 'Ze Right One', OK"
"Will you still respect me in the morning?"
"Deeper, please"
"Say, Open Sesame, one more time and I will hit you very hard"
"Say, Open Sesame, one more time and I will hit on you very hard"
"How old did you say you are?"
"Sport gives me a pain up my ass"
"I like fixing things"
"My juice is running out"
"I'm running low on gas"
"What cheese?"
"No I don't fish"

... bwhahahaha!..... and hey, feel free to give me a call this coming weekend.... lots of bloggers will be here who would love to hear from you!...

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