01 August 2010


A Sane Frothing at/of/off the Mouse/Mouth - Le

Mr. Froth and I had a very interesting discussion the other night during which we came to conclusions and realized that world leaders should pay attention to us.

Be that as it were...

I'm thinking the legacy for the One is fracture to some extent. Somewhat due to his history and current manifestations of scariness, along with his coterie of nattering nabobs of negativity. Somewhat due to external societal constructs and internalization of those ideas and events that we can't avoid. Agent Smart vs. Kaos. Agent Smart being people who actually think. Kaos being, well, knee-jerk sorts.

The faux riling up of racism is key in perpetuating the community organizer, Alinsky, agitation model of pissing the most people, of all races, economic strata and intellectual ability, off. Most people are, indeed, of goodwill, and don't operate with AGENDAS throughout the days of their lives. Most normal people, of goodwill, learn and adjust, adapt and compromise, and don't function with hatred as their fuel. Agitation aggravates the fringes which the agitators just lurve.

Folks with grudges from boy or girlfriend dumpings past, imagined or real discriminatory situations past, and educationally skewed pasts either get over it and grow up and try to positively prevent those things from happening again, or, they fertilize the seed of their anger and use it to foster their individual vendettas until they die. Taking along unsuspecting,stupid and vulnerable people with them. For their own personal megalomaniacal gain.

No. Surely not. You mean some people like power? No. Get out.

Perfect storm with a supposedly "post racial" presidency, coupled with a world situation in which several groups actually want us dead. Not because we're not producing reparations for slights dating back to Leif Ericson's day (By the way, I want reparations for pillage, rape and plundering since I'm a descendant of, probably, some Scandinavian peasant who Odin threw into a funeral pyre somewhere. Plus, I'm a woman. Don't get me started. You won't win.) or Native American atrocities (By the way, Mr. Froth is part Cherokee, as are our Frothlets. Don't get me started. You won't win.) or the day that the African warlord sold his tribemates into slavery for whatever it was he got, other than kudos in 21st century America, or trying to keep illegal immigrants from entering our borders----No. It's because they believe we're infidels. Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Quaeda don't give a rat's ass about our lack of empathy and humanity. It's because we're infidels.

So, all that above (how's that for a transition) coupled with the immediacy of the media we have today we have a positive shitstorm of ridiculousness to carry us forward for the next few years. And, it's really dangerous. No, you can't negotiate and schmooze with Shariah law. Surprise. With the internet, youtube, tv, radio, blogs, tweets and books of all kinds the opportunity to foment is so lush and available it's amazing that someone's head hasn't exploded already.

The losers like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Rahm Emanuel, Oliver Stone, George Soros have played the useful idiots well. But, they've underestimated their landscape. Too many people are too smart and too informed to ignore their shenanigans. But, the other side is being played as well, and those of us who tend to the right, center right need to pay attention. Stupid abounds on both sides and it bodes ill for our future.
Beautiful blog!
You called me sane?!?! Monsieur, mon dieu!!!

Thanks, Fabio!
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