15 August 2010


Being of unsound mind and intellect I sometimes surf

And then I get to places like this.

I thought about giving a warning but then realised that I am on KEESKENNIS, so wtf.

MONDAY, MAY 3, 2010
A wish
Here is what I wish for for Stephanie Grace and the rest of the scum who suggest that whole races of people are smarter than other races of people.

I wish for a ship to come and take you across an ocean to a place where you will be forced to do menial tasks until you die. I further wish that your children and their children will suffer the same fate. Then, their children and the children of those children for a few generations can live as third-class citizens with few rights and no opportunity for education or self-improvement.

Then, when we finally reach the next couple generations, I hope that my distant-future spawn goes up to yours and calls them fucking idiots.

I left this comment

KeesKennis said...
Dear Sir Foreskin
If a group of humans, 100 thousand years ago, moved from Africa to over the years, a less nice place, like Europe or other icy places, and then slowly over the years develop a part of their brains that says, (Hee Hii Hoo, we have to "think ahead and save food for the winter")
"Think of the short term future". What an amazing concept, as here in Africa everything is provided, Nuts, Fowl, Casava, Banana's, Mango's, Fish, and if you care to walk AND run, Deer, Rabbit, Pigs etc.
Come and live here for three years and sprout your bullshit then.

Now, if you are not a Idiot, you will realise that all humans are not at the same phase of brain development.
That does not make them more or less stupid than the rest, just different.

One or the other might not adapt to the other as easily.

Comprohendo Mr. Foreskin

August 15, 2010 6:32 AM

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