03 July 2010


Vida - My baby is now a Woman - GO Pumpkin GO

My Vida got Married to Pierre.

Mostly random and untitled pics.

How does a father love it and wish them well and still cries his heart out?

Vida my dear, the Cindy and I hope you have a wonderful life.

And I know that Your Mother, Esta would have loved it as well



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Kids, not war, changes boys to Men.
Keesie, your daughter is gorgeous, your wife is gorgeous, you, yourself, are gorgeous. What beautiful, beautiful pics. Bless you and yours and congrats and best wishes to all! That made my day.
Lovely, wonderful photos...mazel tov to you and your family, my Afrikaans-speaking buddy.
Good for you. Good for them. Good for all. She's a beautiful young woman. I wish her all the happiness I can muster, and am throwing some Good Good Juju to her and her mate. May they always be happy!
What love and happiness shines in every picture! She's gorgeous, Keesie.

I will be walking my own daughter down the aisle in 5 short days.
... your wife is a beaut... and your daughter is a cutie.... and Pierre is a lucky man to have you guys as his new family.....

... all the best to you and your folks, sir...

Best wishes to the couple for long life and happiness.
Strange. Blogger ate my original comment.
Pierre is a lucky man to be married to such a wondeful woman.
May they have many, many years of marital bliss.
She is a beautiful bride and you clean up pretty nice too Kees!
Thanks for all the well wishes everyone ;> it truely was a day to be remembered.

Papa love you lots : Pierre and Vida
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