25 July 2010


Since the oil spill

I have travelled from SA , Zambia, SA, Ghana, SA, Zimbabwe, SA, UAE, SA, Kinshasa in Kenya, and Freetown in Sierra Leone, by air.
I am liking John Kerry more and more.
He dodges a huge tax/mooring bill by mooring next door.
He also dodges bullets to an amazing extent.
I mean, 3 purple hearts, and not a scar, superb.
I can spend a free weekend with this man anywhere, I suppose.
I mean, do I look like a green hottie freak?

I am checking my green credentials by the way, greenback US Dollars, that green.

I have emailed Mr Kerry to came and spoke at my nuptials, to no avail.
The baby, and the Bride will be be blessed by me alone. And that is OK.

Go Yonder and Wonder:
AND Travel by Air.
The Cat's Mother is good.

"There's going to have be a point in time where these people have to be held accountable," Poepol said. "How about all these bloggers that blog anonymously? They say rotten things about people and they're actually given credibility, which is crazy. They're a bunch of cowards, they're just poepol's seeking attention."

Ya Ya, I am a poepol. Like to suck?

You should read up a little, if you're interested, on Charles Rangel, the former head of the Ways and Means Committee. He is a very bad man. Sometimes good war veterans inexplicably go bad.
That should be "come" and "speak". I guess you need a proofreader... or a dictionary.

Amateurs... (sigh)
Amateurs IS STOOPID, offfff course
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