20 July 2010


MC blocks my comment and does some Photoshop

It started here 2 days ago

Tanker had a regular

Today in History – July 18

The last entry was this:

1984 – Beverly Lynn Burns becomes first female Boeing 747 airline captain, performs her first take-off roll while applying mascara.

And I tried to say something as below, but was thrown under the bus:

Previous, now deleted comment.
As it is a well known fact that females have fewer accidents because they do not have bl*w j*bs while they are driving, I would ask Beverly to do her nails at the same time.
Or something like that.
Maybe the “*’s” in the B J’s above, as apposed to “o’s” will let me publish this time.
Holding thumbs here Bro

Alas my first comment was disregarded. It is there now two days later. WTF.

I then used my awesome THML abilities and delved into MC's Photoshop files.
Well it shocked me, but in the interest of Journolist's all over the world I have to Publish:

Ladies and Gentleman and whores and pimps and others here is the MC PS files.

I for one love this man.
Hey MC block me again for such a M1Garand moment.
Thank you.

CNN se moer

That's a carbine
Oh thank you Maxx I thort it was a pistol
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