31 July 2010



I've had a couple of birdstrikes in my plane. A Red Milan put a dent in the front of the wing once.
On another occasion a seagull went through the prop and the pieces got embedded in the left side cylinders' cooling fins :-(

Both on very short final so evasion not possible :-(
I have had several birdstrikes, none in a plane however.
Leaving guns to one side:
:I have run down tarentaal "Guinee Fowl" or sum such, to cook that evening.
You have to be quick, as a tarentaal is a big bird. If you show your intent too early the tarentaal can rise high enough to damage your trucks grill or headlights.
So you have to pretend not to notice them on the side of the road, and at the last moment swerve and run them over, with the tyres/tires taking the brunt.
Tarentaal is very intelligent, really.
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