09 June 2010


Presidential Wordds

A lot of peeps are taking the view that the Obama used harsh words when he used " I will kick Ass"
Keesie would have said
“I will kick your abundant, fat, lazy, lowly ass, whether it is male or female, until my foot bleeds, and thereafter I will kick your fat, sickly, cowardly, bleeding, democratic, socialistic, unconstitutional, stinking ass with my other foot"

But then:
I would be talking to Obama's staff, and that won't do.

As I emailed to Stu on his Sardonically yours

Park your bikes and your cars until We can drill on the land in the USA.
Can you spell hipocrite

I cannot

Lovingly yours

Nic S

I want oil and therefore I want drilling, off and on shore.

There will be spills, devastating ones, but the other side is that we all become Luddites.
The UPside of not using oil is that the muslim oilocrat sinks back into his slimy hole and we don't have to kill the fucker.

I would rather have oil.

Clearly there is nobody in Charge.
Not even a 2IC.
A right or left tenant?

Have you looked at the Niger Delta lately?
I was there in 2002 and if you need a reason to drill the middle of your little town, the Niger Delta is it.
The oil from the Niger Delta will be available after your own well have dried up.
Muslims and Christians alike are fighting like Jews over the forbidden fruit and the terrs are profiteering in style.
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