19 June 2010


Hi Eric is Elisson thinner than here?

And does he know the diff's between a sand wedge and your shovel?
And does Rex know the diff's between a "fish head" and "fishing a Head"

Training and teaching, that is my lot.

And now Yabu (EOTIS) makes me a Headman over Hundred by saying "You are fucking crazy..."

That my readers, is praise, of the HIGHEST order. But I agree the Croc was dry.

"Therefore, in your deliberations, when seeking to determine the military conditions, 
let them be made on the basis of a comparison, in this wise:--"

Empathy for your prey as above is vital
Nice kitty.

Bwahahah...we need to go drinking some day...
.... I second Yabu's statement absolutely....

... and yeah, he's down maybe a few pounds from the photo in your collage..... he's looking good and healthy, Kees......


That shot of me with the shovel is an absolute classic... I suspect that's what Eric might look like if he were to take up The Game...
... nah, Elisson.... my legs aren't as pretty as yours...... and if I did golf, I'd be wearing trousers....

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