19 June 2010


A Gentle Man vs a Gentleman

There is a common misconception that "Male" means "Man"

Being a male only means that you have the right genitalia.

Being a man means so much more than a dick and a pair of balls.

A man does what he has to do and that makes him more of a man.

Being a gentleman helps but is not a prerequisite for being a man.

Although it pisses the feminists off a man is the physically stronger sex, and he protects his woman and children.

If someone tells you that you smell like a male, you should go and bath, however if they say that you have a manly smell about you, you can smile proudly.

Some males act like men, or think that they act like men by being callous and rough.

Acting like that does not preclude you from being a man, but it does distract from the core.

Being a man is more of an instinctive act than a calculated act.

I have been called a gentleman, but not so many times that you would notice, however I have been called a gentle man often and that makes me proud.

"A man's word" is very precious and you should protect yours as the shelf life of a damaged one is very short.

Having good manners certainly helps.

A man is not swayed by favorable surveys or account’s, he does what he has to do, regardless.

Being a man is easy, but very difficult at the same time

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