28 May 2010


What if:

:SWG wrote on his own blog: Go read:.... .bhwhahahahahah.... good god, man.... that is fucking hilarious.......
He has wrote:
.... sex is not a look, friends....... Sex is an attitude...... and those of us who have seen it will never, ever forget it........ good god, those of us who have HAD it first hand will never, EVER forget it.....
:That sexy witch wrote on her blog ..You crack me up Kees.......

She has wrote:

"My broomstick is short on Keesie hairs, what is your Fucking point"

Trust me ; she said that and much more.
:Vman wrote on his blog:Holy crap! Keesie, you look like the gay dude in Papillon! And I mean that with all my dick.

He has wrote "I gave the poor brute a pull of my skullpop and five of my dollars"
I mean can they do worse, fer fecking crying in a fecking buckittttttt

They will try

So if they just linked me, Keesie would not be wallowing at the 105's , would he?

But then he could write more, I suppose.

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