31 May 2010


A poetry contest

"Winter's Night"

I start of this CONTEST by sticking to Eugene Marais

In English

WHAT ABOUT: "Humans smallness in the bigger take"

O the small wind is frigid and spare
and bright in the dim light and bare
as wide as God's merciful boon
veld lies in starlight and gloom
and on the high lands
spread through burnt bands
the grass-seed, astir, is like beckoning hands.

O East-wind gives mournful measure to song
Like the lilt of a lovelorn lass who's been wronged
In every grass fold
bright dewdrop takes hold
and promptly pales to frost in the cold!

And then in Afrikaans


O koud is die windjie
en skraal.
En blink in die dof-lig
en kaal,
so wyd as die Heer se genade,
le die velde in sterlig en skade
En hoog in die rande,
versprei in die brande,
is die grassaad aan roere
soos winkende hande.

O treurig die wysie
op die ooswind se maat,
soos die lied van ‘n meisie
in haar liefde verlaat.
In elk’ grashalm se vou
blink ‘n druppel van dou,
en vinnig verbleek dit
tot ryp in die kou!

And then Keesie:


Another man's fuck

Is just so much tuck

And so much luck

Just Damn.

SWG is involved (he fucking started it) in this but I am inviting Joan and Elisson and Just Damn, The Cajun can do some french and everybody can join in the fun.


Keesie is now freewheeling:


Joan is a moan

And a Groan

But when she's scary

I'm very,very wary.


The Witch is a bitch

An with or without a switch

Your'e fucked.

But you you might ride your luck.


SWG did provide a link to Vman


Vman and He man

Drivel and snivel

Da Man

And grovel

Oh and a shovel

To clunck your effin head in


The Froth is is a Sloth

But she makes a very good broth

And oh dear god

You have to be shod

Not to love the Beeb.



Kennis the Menace
did let out a fart,
a stinker of poesy
he called pure art.

To his nose a blossom
it seemed soft and fair,
Considered it awesome,
his crop-dusted air.

As a beauty beheld
is a beauty apprised,
that we think it noxious
should be no surprise.

Compared to fair prof'rings
of things bright and true
Keesie's foul offering
has us turning blue.
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