20 April 2010


Please consider the environment before printing this email

My cats are here.
Pushy and Roo-Roo arrived and they are thin but well.
We are very happy that they are with us.

These are stupid F8ck's

RE: Automatic reply: PAYMENT - MR. N. STEENEKAMP
From:nic steenekamp (nicsteenekamp@hotmail.co.uk)
Sent:Tue 4/20/10 9:32 PM
Attachments: 2 attachments | Download all attachments (17.0 KB)
110042020...gif (1.4 KB), 110042020...gif (15.6 KB)
Dear John
As you do not even want me to print this invoice because of the environment, how can I possibly pay this.
Let us look at the facts:
You flew 2 little kittens from Zambia to SA and back to Zambia. And then carted them on a 3 hour journey to Robertson and back Cape Town.
And then Mr Wentzel you flew Pushy and Roo- Roo from Zambia to us here, as contracted.
Thank You

But at 8000 km's extra for two cats, do you need the nod.
Not A Fuck.

Please consider the environment before printing this email
That logo above is pure evil.
I have printed and shredded this email many times and will do so many times more.
Please stop being so fucking clever.
Or I will stop using Eliott's.

Nic S

BTW I have passed payment, as my last two cats have arrived here.

From: John.Wentzel@elliott.co.za
To: nicsteenekamp@hotmail.co.uk
Subject: Automatic reply: PAYMENT - MR. N. STEENEKAMP
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 18:44:53 +0000

I will be away from the office untill 26 April 2010 and will have limited access to my E-Mails. If you have any urgent matter please send details to chipo.tamu@elliott.co.bw and she will assist you.

John Wentzel
Branch Financial Controller
Elliott International - Gaborone
Please consider the environment before printing this email
Phone: +267 391 2531
Mobile: +267 717 84983
Fax: +267 395 9495
Website: http://www.elliott.co.za
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What a fucked up mess!

Glad the kittehs are okay. Give them lotsa squishy hugs.
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