27 April 2010


Keeping Cats in and scoundrels out

With Cats we mean persons like Biggie

Our house

And the new electric fence

With Tatsie in the background
BTW she has a short stubby tail
Seeing is believing

We have had two cats test the electric fence, neither show signs of doing it again.
Smart Cats or smart electrician?

We have adapted the standard electric fence from an all live fence to a neutral and live for the next wire to take care of the little bodies.

Dessie found a way out under the fucking fence, that have been fixed.

The cats that we did this for is mostly.
Big Boy, Roo-roo, Pushy and Dessi.
They grew up in Zambia and have NO sense of cars or traffic or fuckoll.
Big Boy lived, before he came to us in a place where an ancient Land Rover was started and revved every Saturday, but never moved. Who can blame him for not understanding the violent death that tires bring. To this day he does not budge for a noisy engine.

We LOVE our Cats

Are you sure you don't live on our Southwest border?
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