11 April 2010


Bureaucratic bureaucrats bureaucratisizing and fucking up

From the Cat's Mother latest news letter.

As a closing note here’s an African “tail” for you: When you transport animals from one African county to another, your animal requires micro chipping and their inoculations have to be up to date (rabies and feline or canine general health shots). So we do all this at great cost I might tell you but we feel upbeat because at least the kitties do not have to go into quarantine unlike the poor doggies. We say goodbye to them and promise that they’ll only be holidaying at the Ndola SPCA for a short while. Right. Our babies arrive caterwauling like the sky is falling in and I greet them and do a head count (you do that all the time when you have seven cats) and low and behold just as I’m saying to Lixie (my grey cat) ‘Gee Lix, you’re looking very dark what’s up babe?’ if two little black strangeings don’t pop their paws out of the travel boxes They sent two black kitties in the place of Mama Roo (ginger) and Pushy (hello, white!). And their multi-paged travel documents could not have been checked once! Not that I cared about that I just freaked OUT. My daughter Ondria to my rescue (she made all the calls and tracked them down – my cel had just died). So the little black cats came on holiday to the Klein Karoo in South Africa whilst their owners were away on holiday – two cat flights and a car journey (including two sleepovers) and back again later just so their owners don’t have a blue cadenza, and my babies arrive next week. Roo takes any disturbance to her peace personally. Last time something was up she ignored me for a month. I am in for some serious cold shoulder and that’s no maybe.

That’s all for now.

Love and light


AKA the Cat's Mother

Glad to hear that you got things straitened out; to those who have never had pets losing an old friend like that is like losing a family member. Sounds like the government bureaucracy in your country is as bad as ours.
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