01 March 2010


Monday mmmhpssss

Good advice
I have found that also works when one gets "The Look" from the wifey.
"I have found that also works when one gets "The Look" from the wifey."

If you are getting "The Look" from the wife, you have already stepped in the shit...
Shitting my pants would be the least of my worries. Faced with a situation like that, you couldn't have pulled a ten-penny nail out of my asshole with a tractor.
... isn't one normally armed when strolling the veld?......

Some are normally armed when strolling a mall. A street. Most anywhere.
I still wouldn't want to have to shoot one of these dudes with a sidearm. I've never shot a pistola while shitting and I hope to never have the opportunity.
To complete the slide :-

7) ...let's do the Time Warp agaaaaaainnnn ;-)
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