19 March 2010


Marissa and Adam

My sister blegs in an email to the family and beyond:

"Therefore, whether you can come or not, please send me the following:

  • A photo of yourself and/or your family (motivation: if you don’t send one, we might just pick one from our photos through the years…)
  • Relationship advice/philosophy, or an illustrative anecdote from your own marriage or relationship or wanna-have relationship. This can be anything from a one-line witticism to a the length of a “rangy, convoluted” Henry James sentence, the longest of which “would stretch around the base of a wine bottle 17 times.” (We are also open to a larger multiple of wine bottle circumventions should you really not want to put your expertise to waste!)"

The recipients are:

Marissa and Adam would really appreciate your contribution, because it will ensure that your wished-for or actual presence will become part of the wedding history in a very tangible way.


Hi Gerda
Me and Cindy (American or English, would be, Cindy and Me) can't be at the wedding but we send our regards and commiserations to Adam.

As to folklore, Adam I can tell you that you are marrying a tough cookie:
: The other day in Pringle Bay she challenged me to walk back from the restaurant, instead of driving.
She were bravely and maybe dumbly in high heels.
The next day I see her getting treatment for badly blistered feet.
I am still waiting for the "Help ME" cry.
Strong girl you have on your hands, young Adam.
Do HER proud.


Nic S

... congratulations to You AND young Adam.... it sounds like she is quite a spitfire!..... good on ye both...

Hello. And Bye.
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