17 February 2010


We, I, no we, I mean I, are a bunch of pussies

A man can say what he wants to with no qualification.
No pussie footing about PC.

If communists need to be killed, so be it.
If islamists need to be killed, so be it.
And a lot of them do need killing.
Maybe some younger men need to step up and say "I will" as my manual killing days come to a grinding, achy joint, end.

I don't pray in the christian sense anymore, but I do pray.
Are there any MEN alive?
I pray.

Maybe spammers can die in the next round. OK
hehehe hehehehehe.
You said "pussy"
Yeah Maeve,
I have a lot of senses about "pussy"
AND Now I have the sixth sense "Saying"
I can add a seventh one "Thinking"
And a eighth "Dedicating"
And a ninth "Longing"
And I have always had "Loving"
And I have never had "One" but the exclusive use of 'one' is MAGIC.

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