11 February 2010


A Pre - emptive strike - I can write as well as Vman

" , . , , .
. , . .
, , . .
Straight and SIMPLE so that you of the greater unwashed understan'."
Fuck that man can write!

Just in case he can't write, I will do it for him. Just like him, even to the nuance. The nuance was tough, very tough but I think I managed.

I am now asking Straight Assistant Mountain Climber and Old Retired Jewish Dude and Looking for work but not lookin' to write like Vman.
But I win in any case cos he is key-less.
But you have to try.

It simply can't be done, old bean. The lucky ones get those singular talents and synapses and backstory that make them a unique contributor to the Conversation of Life.

It ain't me, babe. How I wish I could, though!
Been there, done that.
.... "there can be only one", dude.... I heard that in a movie once, I think....

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