27 January 2010


Ondria - Other photos from my BIL

I will bore you, my reader, with countless more piccies, but as I am country hopping I only have these from my Brother In law, or as they say in afrikaans, my swaar.

The happy couple donated the farted on bales to the Donkey Rescue, real donkey's, not democrats

In the background I am talking to Pierre.
Die Ou Toppie met die KaalKop

The music was good

The setting was very good

My cousin, Julia and her Mom, Lana, my sister, married to my BIL

Tim and his older brother

The Cat's Mother and the Reverend.
For a christian he gave a very good sermon.

Holly, Tanith and the Rev

DNK, Julia, Vida and Pierre

The Lady in the wheelchair is Tim's Mom

Good friend Melissa
Mother of Holly

Julia, Lana, Pierre and Vida

At least 5 more post will follow.
Just as I lay my grubby paws on more piccies.

It is a lovely wedding, thanks for sharing!
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