02 January 2010


I smoke

I'm pissed and with the world in general.
Both fucking ways.

I believe in a structured life.
So I have 3 kids to go thru University.
I did what I had to do.
Me and the Cat's Mother spend 90 % of what we earned on the kids. Hey they did not ask us to do this, and they are very grateful, and they say so.
So after I gave them each to their Honours degree, they were grateful but I still had to smoke on the stoep, in the wind and the cold, when I visited them.
That pisses me offfff, big time.
For $200 or less you can get the biggest and the bestest extractor.

What does non smokers hate so much?

Come smoke in my house any time, Keesie. I don't smoke, but I don't freak out over the occasional guest who does.
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