13 January 2010


Chicken - Soup - Broth - Stew

It starts here
A Delaware blue

It should have all the pieces below

Still the head is missing.
Blame Barrack and his ilk.

Your typical headless chicken will look something like this
If you are lucky you will have the heart, kidneys, liver etc in a plastic bag inside the carcass.


One WHOLE CHICKEN (remove the plastic bag that holds the entrails) wash and recycle that plastic bag, otherwhize it might freeze over London.
If you can find chicken head or feet, please add.
Seven Keesie fist size potatoes, 12 Leeks, 3 onions and six carrots
Boil the chicken with salt and pepper only for 3 hours (Pressure cook for one third)
Get Chaulwe to prepare leeks, onions, potatoes and carrots.

The chicken should now be falling apart.
So if you were clever you would have made many cuts to the drumstick and leg and chest to make your chicken strings shorter.
Boil the rabbit diet portion of the broth for 1.5 hours (PC = 1/3)

Go back to the store and buy a "serve six" Black onion, fresh veg or something like that instant soup and add the contents of the packet to 500 ml of cold water
Now cook the chicken and the veg for 30 minutes whilst adding the soup mixture as above.
Just as the chicken, veg, soup mixture gets to boiling you ask Chaulwe to hand you the six tomatoes that she has rinsed and cut up into pieces, and you boil that with the broth for about 12 minutes.

If you do not have the head/heart/liver/kidney/feet parts: Add 1 or two chicken stock cubes.

About 5 minutes before you think you are ready to serve add salt and pepper only.
This is about CHICKEN.

If you add 250 grams of butter you are not allowed to butter your bread when you eat a whole wheat roll with it.
It is recommended though, the butter that is.

Suffer baby, suffer.


The response from the Straight White Soup and the Eligently Yu is eagerly awaited, the butter is kosher of course.

You can get fancier, but that is for pigeons.

NB: Chaulwe only exists for peeps in Africa: The others do it themselves.

Sounds lekker to me. I'd leave off the butter, though, if I gave a rat's ass about the kosher business.
So now tell us about this shark attack on a Cape Town Beach.
Sounds good, but I'd probably throw some okra in there and a hit of Tabasco sauce.
.... well, that sounds pretty damned good to me, brother......... and when you finally come to visit?..... I will show you how to cook pork ribs properly.......

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