12 November 2009


The cost of PC

We have all lived thru the PC correctness now here is some KeesKennis Polls
13 Dead and many wounded at Fort Hood, and let us not forget 9/11 or the thousands of suicide bombings from Muslims.
Please list all the Catholic, Pentacostal, Yehova Witness, Presbyterian suicide bombings, that you know of.
Also list the places in the world were in a conflict one of the sides are NOT Muslim.
Should Muslims be allowed in the US Armed forces
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Please take the time to answer them all.
Should Basket Weaving be a Degree subject?

And then, some common sense
Should elected Officials be allowed more than 2 terms on office?
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Stupid background, the bottom is NO

3 NO's get you into the KeesKennis Hall of Fame

He has not posted a fresh piccie to Photo Shop so here goes
Is .... from .... http://straightwhiteguy.com/ ...... Street Legal ..... and if ... Yes..... Why?
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He is a fierce animal and a Marine so consider carefully

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